Friday, May 13, 2011

Gooooaallll! (this is not about soccer.)

I, Laura, having been born to goodly parents (wrong story) have a tradition of setting goals to accomplish during my summer months. Granted, very rarely do I actually accomplish these goals, so this year I've decided to set slightly more...ahem...attainable goals.
 I have it on good authority that people like lists, therefore, I have put my goals into list form for your enjoyment.

Summer 2011
Wake up [every] morning
Walk to and from the bathroom at least once a day
Spend absurd amounts of time at the pool
Log onto facebook several times a day
Don't run a marathon
Find joy in doing absolutely nothing
Consume only things that are meant for human consumption
Brush my hair sometimes

I don't want to overwhelm myself, so I'll go ahead and stop there. Who knows, I might get crazy and exceed my expectations!

I think even Stephen Fry would approve of my goal setting strategy!
STEPHEN FRY: WHAT I WISH I'D KNOWN WHEN I WAS 18 from Peter Samuelson on Vimeo.


  1. haha
    Waking up every morning is actually hard for me the summer! When it's warm I could sleep all day! Good luck! ;)

  2. Now THIS is my kind of list. :)

    It kind of reminds me of my time of unemployment. Sure that wound up driving my INSANE, but it was fun for a while.