Friday, April 29, 2011

Sleepy Laura and the Comfort Creature

I have a thing tonight...a thing with a boy. I hesitate to call it a date because I don't know if it actually is a date and I don't want to be that weird girl that says she has a date when they were "just hanging out."
In a later post, I may tell about about tonight's date, but as it stands all I have is a thing with a boy.
This boy is picking me up in a little over 2 hours. 
I'll factor in about 45 minutes of getting ready. (20-30 min. actually getting ready and 15 min. obsessing about how I look and 'touch ups.')
This leaves me with 1 hour and 15 minutes of down time before I start getting ready. 
You may be wondering, "Well, why don't you just get ready now?" 
Because, nosy reader, if I start getting ready now, I will give myself 1 hour and 15 minutes of obsessing and touch ups, which is just unacceptable.
As I thought about what I wanted to do with that down time, I thought about how terribly sleepy I've been the past couple of days and how desperately I've wanted a nap. I considered how wonderful crawling into bed and sleeping away the next hour would be.
Then I stopped.
Because I know myself too damn well. I have to remember the way that Sleepy Laura thinks and how heavily influenced her thoughts are by the Comfort Creature.
Let me first explain the Comfort Creature. He is the voice that says, "Don't go out there. Out there is cold. Stay in here with me, where it's warm."
He is the creation of my best friend and her boyfriend and I truly couldn't have put it better myself. 
This is what I think the C.C. looks like:

I think you get the idea.
Now, I, Laura, can battle the C.C. wielding my weaponry of responsibility and productivity! 
Unfortunately, Sleepy Laura has absolutely no defenses against this adorable foe. 
Sleepy Laura also has absolutely no regard for me and my plans whatsoever.
Sleepy Laura thinks things like, "Just 20 more minutes...its okay, I'll just braid my hair and wear what I wore earlier." and "15 minutes is MORE than enough time to get fully dressed and ready for {insert big important event where lots of pictures will be taken.}" 
Then, because of her thoughtlessness, I'm left looking a lot like this guy:

....with only 15 minutes to try to fix it.
Once Sleepy Laura has had a shot at my life, I inevitably end up late and looking haggard in 159 tagged facebook photos.
Not cool.

So, rather than take the nap that my body still desperately craves, I wrote this blog post...which took much less time than I had hoped.
There's my bed...1/2 an hour really couldn't hurt...I'll get up in time...



  1. You just totally described how I feel every morning....and then I run into work with no makeup on.

  2. The Comfort Creature! I am very familiar with its nefarious ways!

  3. this made me smile :)

  4. @Elizabeth and @Karsti-I'm so glad I'm not alone!
    @Ruth- So good that it made you smile. Are you pretty familiar with this nasty, darling comfort creature?