Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pre-emptive apology for tragic topics and poor writing

I'm sorry.

What a terrible blogger I've been! Please forgive me for my lack of posts. I'll be better this month, really. I know I keep saying that, but I really mean it this time! 
(don't hold me to that.)

Anywho, my most recent prompt comes from Klementina Sladkaya at Perceptions and Facts. She's a dear friend and a phenomenal writer. Go check out her blog!


The socks sat idly at the back of the drawer, that’s where they always were. Well, almost always. Once a month the socks came out of the drawer, pulled by a hand, small and fragile, shaking with anxiety. The hand belonged to a girl. That girl belonged to a man. The man had changed, but the socks never did. Each month the socks were drawn from the drawer and the girl tucked away a five-dollar bill. Sometimes the bill was new and crisp, others it was faded and torn, but the socks were always the same. Blue and orange socks at the back of the drawer where the man would never touch them, wear them, find them. The socks held more than money, they held secret dreams. The dreams became more real with each five-dollar bill. The shaking hands held the socks and the tremor grew with every creaking floor board and shutting door.  The eyes looked at the socks and the mouth reached for a smile as the girl with the shaking hands and the socks and the five-dollar bills thought about the secret dreams. Within the dreams she saw something new, something different, something unafraid and unbound. The floor boards creaked and the door shut and the socks went back into the drawer.

The shaking hand reached to the back of the drawer, but found nothing. Where were the socks, where were the five-dollar bills, where were the dreams? The socks were on the floor. The eyes cried and the mouth twisted and the hands shook. The man was at the door.
The five-dollar bills are spent, the dreams are lost, and the girl with eyes and the mouth and the shaking hands is dead. But the socks never change, the socks are always the same and the socks are on the floor.


  1. Oooh, I like this a lot. You have a great writing style. I very much enjoy reading your posts.

  2. sad story. but i love it. i love your style of writing! please write more like this. and buy me some blue and orange socks please.

  3. love it!!! love your style..in every aspect..I enjoyed it so much!