Thursday, February 10, 2011

One day late

Day 30 (insert wild applause here): A photograph of myself today and three good things that have happened in the past 30 days.

Another opportunity to post a picture of myself?
Hellz Yes., I couldn't. Well, if you insist.

I was still up at 4 am this morning browsing my new favorite website, I don't even like soup, when I caught a glimpse of myself in the reflection of my computer screen. I thought to myself, "Hm, that girl is awfully pretty."
Don't you jump off about how self-centered or arrogant I am. 
I'm not really. 
Its just that sometimes, I think I am very pretty. I think everyone should step outside themselves and from an unbiased perspective, recognize that they are very beautiful. We can be so mean to ourselves.

So many wonderful things have happened in the last 30 days. 
1. I've formed some friendships that I feel comfortable, happy, and safe in. (I remember promising to introduce you them in a post. I will uphold that promise soon.)
2. I went on easily the best date I've ever been on and have been given reason to hope that maybe, just maybe this might work out.
3. I booked trips to Mile High Blues (march) and Washington D.C. (april) and planned for one of my best friends to come stay with me in just a couple of weeks.

That's really not even the half of everything that's been going on the past month, but for now, it will suffice.

Who's going to take the challenge next?

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  1. Okay, I said I would comment, and I meant it, so here it is.

    I LOVE YOUR BLOG. And, more importantly, I LOVE YOU! As much as I thought I wanted to become friends before reading it, I am every more convinced that it is a necessity.

    The way you share your thoughts and your life is beautiful and inspiring. Hey, pretty much the way you are in real life. :) Can't wait to see you at blues tonight, pretty lady!