Thursday, February 10, 2011

This is about luggage...and stuff.

Remember when I wrote this?
"10. I am just one fanny pack away from being a hipster."
You should, it was only 3ish days ago.

This statement is not longer true.
I bought a fanny pack today; a pretty legit one at that.
I also bought something that I hope to make into a fanny pack, which will far outshine the first one.
I also have a little thing I call 'luggage lust.'
Let me explain:

5 beautiful pieces of luggage. 
I'm hoping to turn the top tan suitcase into something along these lines:

The others, I just couldn't resist.
As I was loading these little gems into the cart, my friend wondered aloud if he should be concerned about my motives for buying the luggage. "You might just pick up and leave and we couldn't have that..."
I am not fleeing anywhere.....not right now anyways.
I just like the look of the luggage and the pictures, ideas, hopes, and dreams that it inspires.
Hmm...would it be 'that they inspire' or 'that it inspires'?
Oh, also, please excuse any grammar or spelling errors you may find in the last few posts. They were written in haste and I hadn't the time nor the inclination to proof read them.

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