Monday, December 20, 2010

Anniversaries and the Anxious Reds

1 year and 3 days ago, I moved into this town and into this apartment and more importantly, I started Blues dancing.

[1 year]

Let's begin talking about what has changed in the past year:
1. This year, I have friends to be with. (instead of sitting on that there couch, watching obscene amounts of TV by myself.)
2. I have red hair instead of Rogue hair.
3. I have finished my 2nd year of college. (And am once again preparing for a major change and school transfer.)
4. I have given up on dating and men entirely. (again)
5. I live with my very best friend.
6. I am an infinitely better dancer than I was before.
7. I have a job.
8. ...and lots of other fantastic type things.

However fantastic life is, I can't fight these Anxious Reds that find their way into my body every 6 months or so.
I want to pack everything back into Poison Ivy and run away.
I bet Seattle is lovely.
Maybe I'd like Austin.
Perhaps I'd like anywhere but right here right now.

If I had any money, I'd run.

Probably best that I don't.

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