Sunday, January 9, 2011

Becoming a Better Blogger

Today, my dear friend at Sarah Says... decided that she'll be doing the 30 day blog challenge.
In an effort to learn to blog with some amount of consistency and to blog about things people might actually care about, I'll be joining Sarah in this challenge. 
Here goes nothin'!

Day 1: A photo of myself and a description of my day

I have an abiding love for low exposure and high saturation.

I woke this morning to my best friend telling me to scoot over so she could climb into bed with me.  She just wanted to sleep next to me and I was perfectly okay with that.  However, not long after, she had to run off to choir and by this time I was fully awake.  So, I got up and started my day, which, of course, begins and ends with Facebook.  As I was checking my facebook, I realized that it's Sunday and got pretty excited.  Sunday means new secrets at PostSecret.
(If you don't know what this is, I suggest you go there immediately, then return to finish reading this post. Its a truly amazing project.)

Unfortunately, my initial feelings towards today were pretty apathetic.  I had absolutely no desire to get pretty and go to church...but I did it anyway.  The apathy lasted through Relief Society and was threatening to push on through the whole day.  It caused me to stay right were I was sitting, rather than move to another classroom.  This was probably the best decision I unintentionally made all day.  My friend was teaching the lesson and to my surprise, he is one of the best doctrine teachers I've ever had. He knows the gospel and teaches with conviction.  Any ounce of apathy I had within me dissipated during that lesson. 

Upon returning home, Katherine and I ate dinner and I started in on the absolute [disaster area] that was my room.  It was necessary that my room be cleaned today, because when my room is messy, my life feels messy.  It's been stressing me out for a while now and it is such a relief to have it clean.  I always get a bit anxious when I begin the de-cluttering process.  It usually involves me sitting and staring woefully at my room, wondering where in the hell all of this stuff came from.  Then I begin to slowly but surely sort through things and makes piles.  Its around that step that I start to feel the cathartic powers of cleaning and really get into it. Nothing is quite as gratifying as having a beautifully clean and organized room.

About a week ago, I decided that my car could overcome the large amounts of snow to park in a space in the parking lot.  I maneuvered her just fine, but when I tried to back out, just to make sure I could, she was stuck as could be.  I tried and I tried and I tried, but she wasn't going anywhere.  As I was kicking snow from under the tires and pathetically attempting to maneuver poor Ivy back out of the spot, a young man pulled up and started taking things up to his apartment.  Upon noticing my predicament, he offered to help.  He pushed while I reversed and it was a success!  I thanked him profusely and got back in to move to a different spot.  She was still stuck. He came back and helped again until we were [sure] that she was unstuck.

So, I made that lovely man brownies and took them too him about a half an hour ago.  He's absolutely darling in a shy sort of way.  I think we'll be friends.

Now, that wasn't the most interesting of posts, but it certainly was a start, eh?

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