Friday, December 10, 2010

Nair-Do-Well: A Hair Removal Misadventure

Around thanksgiving, an off-hand comment of a friend thrust me into puddle of insecurity about the hair on my arms.  
 (Yeah, that's pretty much what I looked like)

So, naturally, I shaved it all the off the next day. Now, if you've never shaved your arms, let me just tell you it is very time consuming and very inefficient.  For the sake of upkeep, I figured I'd turn to Nair; my blade-free hair removal friend.
My first time trying Nair was a few years ago and I distinctly remember it not working.  Despite this, my laziness made me think I should go ahead and give it another try and that is just what I did. 
On my way home from work today, I stopped at Target and bought both body and facial Nair.  I got home, popped open the box, skipped right over the warnings and went straight to the instructions.  I slathered on a good amount and hopped in the shower.  
Now, I have a general idea of how this stuff works.  I know that it's basically just burning the hair right out of your skin, so I didn't worry too much when it started to burn a little.  I waited approximately the right amount of time and used the little sponge dealy to wipe it off.  It took the hair off beautifully and left my arms silky smooth.
Unfortunately, it also left my skin a bit angry.  Angry enough, in fact, that it shot up little ticked off hives and lots of splochy, red areas, with just a bit of burning.
Turns out, under the Warnings that I willfully ignored, it gives some pretty good advice.  It says something along the lines of, "Don't be an idiot and slap this stuff all over your arms on your first go, because you might have an adverse reaction causing your skin to fall off and everyone to hate you. Instead, try it on a small spot, wait a day, and if you haven't turned into one of the 10 lepers, go for it!"

The rash is already gone, but I'm pretty wary of putting that on my face.... can't cover my face up with sleeves quite as well.

What am I going to do when the hair grows back?
I'm still lazy and I still hate shaving... is it worth the rash for beautiful, feminine, hairless arms?

(It might be more worth it if it made me look like this. Just sayin'...)

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