Thursday, August 4, 2011

The newness of you

My material life is in complete and utter disarray.
Black trash bags filled with clothes and hangers and blankets litter the floor, intermingled with tubs of an assortment of things and random decorations from my previous home. 
I sit in the corner, tucked comfortably into my perfectly made bed.
I'm thoroughly exhausted, therefore torn between getting some much needed rest and trying to make sense of this stuff that proves my relevance to society.
I think that for tonight I'll sleep. There's not much I can do as far as organizing until I have shelves and drawers into which I can tuck these things.
Despite the madness of clutter and exhaustion from transferring my life from one place to another, I find myself perfectly content.
I absolutely love moving.
I love this house.
I think that I'll be very happy here.

Here's to my first night in my new [home]


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