Friday, January 14, 2011

There's no point in going back to yesterday...

Yesterday was super extra busy, so I missed day 5.
Don't fret, that just means you get TWO posts in one day
How stoked are you? Go ahead, be honest. 
I already know that this blog is the highlight of your very existence and you dream about the time I will post again, cursing the heavens when I miss a day.
Don't worry, I get it.

Day 5: A picture of myself from 2 years ago.

 Liberty, Missouri circa 2009

...because I wasn't the same person then.

(I do love this picture. I think I was awfully pretty.)


  1. This whole blogging ever day thing is hard for me! I had to do 3 posts in one today because I am so behind on life. Ug... and none of it ended up being about my life down here... which was the whole point of blogging. FAIL

  2. what do you mean 'was"..still are beautiful. :) and yes i do live for every word you type...i basically live here awaiting your next gem.