Sunday, January 16, 2011

I can dig it

Remember that time I said I would do two of these in one day to catch up....and then didn't.
I'm going to now.
Fo' real.

What day am I on again...?

Oh right, 6: A picture of an animal I'd like to have as a pet.

You're probably thinking, "That's a dog. Everybody has a dog. You're boring."
But you can just shut up because you really can't tell me that this isn't the greatest looking dog you've ever seen.
(No, seriously, don't even try.)
I've wanted this kind of dog forever and ever amen.

15 minutes later (all sorts of distracted by the Gentle Giants adoption site)
Alrighty, moving right along...
Day 7: My dream wedding.

What's funny is that I seriously struggled with the perfect first date, but dream wedding is completely planned....ya know, minus the groom.
The dangers of being a girl, living with girls, living in Provo and working at a reception center.

So...uh...yeah, are you ready?
Here we go.


Plum Purple

Fall Red
Vintage Gold

Got that? 


Vintage Brooch Bouquet [so perfect]

The Dress:

 Perfectly retro in every way.


Lovely. least until the reception.



I wrote all of the above about 6 hours ago.
At the time, it all made sense that those things are what make the 'dream wedding.'
And ya know, all of those things would be really great.
The truth is that if at the end of my wedding day, I am eternally bound to my best friend, lover, and companion, there is nothing more I could possibly hope or ask for.
And life would be a [dream]
That's it. That's all.

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  1. when you get that dog I will come visit you every day and play with him. We will be the best of friends.