Saturday, January 22, 2011

Its just a town, isn't it?

Day 12 is a picture of the town I live in.
I don't know that I like this post especially much, because the truth is that I don't think the photographs that Google offers can really tell much about the town at all. Overall, from a birds eye view, is one town really different from any other? What I wish I had, what I desperately wish I could show you is a picture of what the town is to me. 
For most of the U.S., Provo, Utah stands for one thing.
And therefore, Mormons.
Not that there's anything inherently wrong with that. There's not.
The problem is that if you're Mormon and you grew up outside of Utah, there tends to be a very biased view of the people that live here.
Self Righteous seems to be the term most used.
Overly processed, fake, and arrogant are some other words that I'm guilty of using.
I use the term [guilty] intentionally. 
I have no right to make such sweeping generalizations about such a large mass of people.
The truth is that I've met some of the most humble, genuine, kind, and real people you could ever hope to know in this town.

So, of course its the buildings, the streets, the concrete, the metal, the grass...that's what makes the town.
But what a town [is] what it really [is] lies within the people that perpetuate life within its boundaries.
For me, a picture like this:

...could never do my town justice.

What you need to see is the people and the way they live and love and breathe and move and make this town worth living in.

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