Monday, May 3, 2010

And to the Girls...

I love Sundays!
Yesterday was an especially beautiful one.
Church. Nap. Games. Fireside. Bishop's house. Ward Prayer. Movie.
Just awesome!

Though there's something that has been on my mind a lot lately and that seemed to be yesterday's theme. There always seems to be an unintentional theme in Fast and Testimonies, and that theme carried through out the day.
It was the worth of souls.
I truly hope that the women of the church, as well as the world, now their eternal worth and potential!
Our lesson in RS was on the importance of women and of visiting teaching. Kaylie spoke about how women are not like men and should not strive to be and it brought to mind something that President Ezra Taft Benson said on the matter.

"You were not created to be the same as men. Your natural attributes, affections, and personalities are entirely different from these of a man. They consist of faithfulness, benevolence, kindness, and charity. They also balance the more aggressive and competitive nature of man. The business world is competitive and sometimes ruthless. We do not doubt that women have both the brain power and the skills to compete with men. But by competing they must of necessity, become aggressive and competitive. Thus their godly attributes are diminished and they acquire a quality of sameness with man. The conventional wisdom of the day would have you be equal with men. We say, we would not have you descend to that level."

How important is it that we know our value? Would it change the way we live our lives?
So important and absolutely!
We are literal daughters of our Heavenly Father and we have been bestowed gifts that can change the world. There is no job more important than the nurturing of a family. Second to that is the nurturing of our fellow Sons and Daughters of God!
We have been given these gifts and asked to do great things with them, and if we understand that and where they come from, I have no doubt that we can move mountains!

I was talking to some friends as we were driving the other day and we noticed that there is a great abundance of liposuction, plastic surgery, and diet billboards in Utah county.
What struck me about this is that the majority of the women in this area are members of the church and the billboards are there because these women are attracted to things of this nature.
What this says to me is that perhaps these women do not fully understand their eternal worth and the beauty of the image in which they were created.
That's certainly not to say that I don't have my insecurities. Of course I do! I'm also very aware of from where those insecurities come. Satan knows our weaknesses and manipulates them to hurt us. If we say we're ugly, he will always agree.
I think of it this way, if I had a friend that always put me down or agreed when I put myself down, it would be a very short lived friendship. Where as, if I had a friend that complimented me and told me I was beautiful when I was feeling insecure, this is someone I would want to keep in my life.
[Satan is the 'friend' that puts you down. Jesus Christ is the friend that tells you you're beautiful.]
So, Dear Sister, please know that you are beautiful and never forget that you have eternal potential and worth!

And to the girls,
You're worth more than the cheap words
You see your body as beauty, but your pulse is worth more

(Vices like Vipers-Oh, Sleeper)

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