Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Is that a person??

So this is how it happened....

A very sleepy Laura is dropping off Laura-Denise in at her apartment around midnight.
They pull up in front, facing a field-firepit-picnic area.
Laura-Denise: "Is that a person?"
L. McNeil: looking in the direction indicated "N, it can't be."
Laura-Denise: "Well go see..."
L. McNeil: "No. It's probably just a rock or a stump or something..."
Laura-Denise: "I'm not getting out."
L. McNeil: "If it is a person they're dead or sleeping."
Laura-Denise: "It's probably a trick!"
.:Laura moves car to shine lights on possible dead.... they sit and stare at it for a few minutes:.
Laura-Denise: "Do you have crow bar? Go
see what it is."
L. McNeil: "What?? No."
.:Laura-Denise grabs her purse like a weapon, gets out of car, and approaches possible dead person slowly:.

Meet our possible dead person
[He's a lot scarier at night...]