Monday, April 5, 2010

Catch Up Soup

Mile High Blues
Amazing people
[Tons] of dancing
Very little sleep
3 days went way to fast
kind of felt like a [blur]
It was easily one of the best weekends of my life

Quotes Madness:
"Are you mesmerized by my chair dancing?"
"That cat is following James down the dark alley....Kat! Don't follow James down the dark alley!!"

General Conference
Old friends

New friend
Elder Holland
The Incredibles
Hidden House
<3>So on Saturday morning, I got a call from my dear friend Bryce (Elder) Smalley. He told me that he might have an extra ticket to the afternoon session of General Conference. He called me back at 12ish and told me that he had the extra ticket just for me! So I got ready real fast and
drove real fast and made it just in time! What a blessing it was to be in the conference center to hear revelation from the Lord! I was so overwhelmed! I was in the same room as some of the most valiant spirits of this dispensation! (and not just the general authorities)
It was such an amazing day. Spending time with good friends and sharing in the joy of the gospel! What could be better??

[[This man] is absolutely amazing]

Quote Madness:
"We hugged and the Lord saw that it was good..."
"Not that you should be serving tea anyways!!"
"'s the Tall One, the Irritated One, the Brown One, the One that's engaged to the Other One, and Bryce!"

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