Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stop it.

Here I sit, on the 3rd floor of the UVU library. The 3rd floor is my favorite, because floors 3 through 5 are "the quiet" floors and there is light traffic because there are no classrooms. It is the perfect study environment for the easily distracted.

But to my dismay here comes Loud Library Talker.

He sits at a table to my right with Provo Carbon Copy girl and tells her all about his oh so interesting day. (Insert sarcastic smirk here) Listen, LLT, I get it. You're super awesome and have a lot of interesting things to tell PCC girl. And I'm sure she's just enthralled by your epic story telling of that time you beat Halo 27 on expert. Unfortunately, no one else cares. So, unless you can fully explain to me the difference between a totalitarian regime and an authoritarian regime to help me with my impending exam, just stop it. You can't honestly tell me you didn't notice the glares coming from all the other quiet studiers in here. Oh you can? Not only can you tell me, but you'll yell it? Super...

1 comment:

  1. hahahahahaha! this made me laugh out loud. "provo carbon copy" girl. i LOVE it! i love when you post. you should do it everyday! :)