Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dear Diary....

I am among world's worst journal writers in the history of ever.
I know what you're thinking.... "But, Laura, you're a writer, how could you be terrible at journaling?"
Well, gentle reader, I just don't know. For some reason, I cannot for the life of me document my own comings and goings. I'm worse at journaling than I am blogging. {gasp!}
It's truly not for a lack of trying. I have begun journal after journal, swearing that this time I really would write regularly. Then, just a few days in I get a busy day and forget and all hope is lost.

I had an epiphany regarding this journaling matter while I was at work today. It came to me as I thought about how much I disclose about myself and my life to family, friends and acquaintances and how I really ought to stop talking so much. I considered why I jabber about deeply personal happenings and feelings to people that I don't even really trust that much. I realized that I do it not because I want their approval or opinion, but because talking about it is how I sort through it.
And I thought, well, if I could just write it all down, then maybe I wouldn't have to talk quite so much... but to make my current journal entries relevant, I would have to do a lot of back story work, as I haven't journaled regularly ever.
But that would take too long and it's almost just not worth it, right?
I had the [best] idea on how to help myself out here.
I'll talk.
It's that simple. I talk to myself all the time!
I'll just get a voice recorder and talk about all the things I want to journal, then later transcribe them for the sake of having them in written form!
This is a wonderful plan, if I do say so myself.

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